Welcome to this section of the site, although we must begin with an apology.  Old friends will know that the Trust has encountered great obstacles in its aim to make the Catalogue available here to our visitors.  While these difficulties remain unresolved we have decided to take interim measures to ease the situation, as follows:

A Catalogue of Dr Bishop’s own collection was made shortly after his death.  Hitherto this has existed only as a printed book.  We have therefore scanned  it to searchable pdf files.  You can scroll through, browsing the collection, and also use the search facility to navigate.

Greater problems have arisen with the annual accessions to the Library, which have been bought each year from 1999-2009.  A major breakdown in the cataloguing of these items means that in a very few cases (and we repeat, a very few) we are left with the title or even  just a key word of a title.  We have however salvaged information so thoroughly that we are confident that with this “Interim Catalogue” you will gain an idea of the scope of the Collection including the more recent acquisitions, so that you can prepare for your visit to Bec with a good picture of what you will find in the John Bishop Library.  We hope that it will prove helpful in spite of its limitations.

Elaine Bishop, Chairman, John Bishop Charitable Trust.

Original Catalogue (Part 1)

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Original Catalogue (Part 2)

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Original Catalogue (Part 3)

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Original Catalogue (Part 4)

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Journals and Books added since 1991

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