On this page you will find questions and answers which provide basic information about The John Bishop Charitable Trust as well as the occasional papers of theological interest commissioned by the Trust.

Qs & As

What is the John Bishop Charitable Trust?

The John Bishop Charitable Trust is a group of Catholic Christians  belonging to different Churches united by the desire to honour the memory of the late Dr John Bishop by maintaining his theological library, supporting theological scholarship and fostering better understanding between the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches.

The Trust also supports, as far as its limited resources allow, bodies that work for the relief of human pain. Accordingly it has made donations to the hospice in which Fr Bishop died.

What is the history of the John Bishop Charitable Trust?

The Trust was founded on 1 May 1994 in memory of Dr John Bishop, priest and scholar.

Fr Bishop’s widow Elaine was keen to ensure the continued preservation of his fine collection of theological books and establish ways in which the library could be made accessible to a wider readership.

The early work of the Trust involved finding an appropriate home for the library and having it catalogued.

Since 1999 the Trust has been making substantial accessions to the library and in 2001 the Trust became a registered charity.

What are the aims of the John Bishop Charitable Trust?

The John Bishop Charitable Trust supports theological learning by the maintenance and extension of the library of the late Dr John Bishop. It is hoped that the library, together with the study bursaries for its use, will help to foster better understanding between all Catholic Christians. In addition, the Trust offers  modest financial support to organisations and bodies working for the relief of human pain.

What activities has the John Bishop Charitable Trust been involved in since its foundation?

The Trust has secured a home for the John Bishop Library at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Bec-Hellouin in Normandy, France. The Trust has published a collection of addresses by the late Dr John Bishop, the substance of a book left unfinished at the time of his death, under the title The Ultimate Mystery. The Trust has initiated the idea of an annual Reading Week for junior clergy and has established the pattern of a reading week every other year at Bec Abbey.

What are the future goals of the John Bishop Charitable Trust?

The Trust will work to further information about, and access to, the John Bishop Library at Bec Abbey, and increase the opportunities for its use. The Trust can provide grants for those wishing to use the library. Grants can be made available to those who do not support the ordination of women to the diaconate, presbyterate or the episcopate in the Church of England. The Trust may support other charitable causes at its discretion.